notebooks and Blender


I would like to buy a notebook and work with Blender.
However, I do not have the slightest idea which CPU would be the best for fast rendering (I would also like to use the notebook for office applications and playing games, but PRIMARILY FOR BLENDER).

Is an Athlon XP enough or is an Athlon 64 much better? Or maybe an Intel Dothan? Dothan is expensive, but Athlon 64 produces much more heat (or am I wrong). Akku times ar not important to me.

By the way, which display would be the best? XGA, SXGA+; or even a widescreen? Does UXGA make sense?

Are there any experiences with notebooks and Blender?



Well, so far as screens go I don’t know why you would ask… it’s going to work with any size of screen, so long as you have a driver for it. So get whatever you’re willing to work with.

I doubt there’s a huge difference between the chips depending on brand, it’s speed that matters.

Thank you for replying.

I know that any screen will work, but my question was which is “BEST” and
if UXGA is necessary or just advantageous or if it has even some disadvantages.

And for the CPU I can also imagine that CPU power is better when faster…
But my question was WHICH one is the fastest for rendering Athlon64 or a Dothan?


Any CPU will do, depends on your budget. Athlon 64 is better than XP.

You’ll need a 3d card to render the workspace and what not quickly while modelling.

I run Blender on a Dell, Inspiron 5100 and all is perfectly good. Never had an issue with memry or render times at all.

As for specs, they are as follows:

P4 - 2.4 GHz
512 Ram
Mobility Radeon 7500 Card with 16Meg Memory


The most important factor bar none is the gfx card on the laptop.
don’t get one with “shared memory "
do get one based on an nvidia or maybe ati accelerator.
next important is the size of RAM
CPU choice is less important; both intel and amd processors work well with blender, If weight and batter life are important don’t use a P4 based latop. Under no circumstances buy a P4M based laptop- they suck. For lighter solutions, both the mobile athlon and the Pentium M (centrino arg good) I have not experience with the Athlon64.
I have two laptops: big and heavy, with P4 desktop, uxga screen, 1 gig of ram, ati 7500 Mobility, and a lighter one, pentium M 1500, 12” screen, nvidia go gfx. Both work great, the P4 2.4 gigahertz renders 10-20% faster than the pentium M, but its not apples to apples because the RAM is different and sometimes the smaller one swaps.

I use my PowerBook G4 and have quite good success with render times and stability. I was a diehard anti-mac fan, but after switching to OS X I’ve been proven quite wrong. My workspeed has been increased by quite a bit, I still use Macromedia Studio MX 2004, Photoshop CS, Blender, etc., with great stability and more speed…eh. Can’t ask for more on a laptop.

A question for you anogarlr:

  • What is your FPS at eg. say…100.000 poly’s(faces) using
    blender…moving it around in real-time on your Mac?

Just curious as I own a Mac Powerbook G4 17" 1.33 ghz machine
myself and it gets “jumpy” on 66.000 polys over here…
while my desktop windoze computer with an Nvidia 5900
easily drags around 600.000 poly’s like a breeze…

My laptop handles up to about 350k polys with ease, but it is a laptop.

Comparing a desktop and a laptop is rather inane. Shall we discuss my 2GHz Dual Processor G5? :wink:

You say that your laptop “handles” 350K polys with ease…
what excactly do you mean by “ease”?

Any laptop - 3d accellerated or not …can handle millions of
polys with “ease” if you hide most of the meshes in layers
and only count the K’s at render-time…

But do you actually get 25 fps “real-time” rotation in your
viewport with 350.000 polys? And are we still talking about
your G4-powerbook? I’d surely like to know…because mine
stutters to a staggering “3-5 fps” at 66.000 polys…

To JoOngle:

Could I send you please a blender file, which my ATI Radeon 9500pro
can not rorate or zoom very well? I would like to know how your NVIDIA card does handle it.

By the way, how can I see the FPS and how can I count the “polys” you are talking about.

The poly count is on the top of the screen, on the right.

My laptop isn’t perfect for blending, my desktop is much better, but this laptop is much better than other laptops I’ve tried.