Noteworthy Composer?

I’ve been using a free trial version of Noteworthy Composer for a while now (check out my compositions!) and have been thinking about buying the full version, but I’m just wondering if it’s the best one to get, as recently I’ve heard of (supposedly) good ones that are completely free:confused:
If anyone could offer their opinion that would be helpful.


I’ve used it for years (bought it in about 1998 or so) and I absolutely love it. I don’t know everything that’s been put out recently, but I’ve never really seen anything quite as good, especially at the price. It works well with my sound card and my (musical) keyboard, it handles MIDI import and export really well, and the formatting and printing can’t be beat, IMO.

Very good… Personally I use CUBASE for this sort of thing, but I figure my needs and equipment stack are likely to be very different from yours.
For instance, I like to be able to mix both midi and audio sequencing in the same project.
Either way, you may be intrested to know (with lots of help from others on this site) have been writing a Midi file importer for blender. This is not to make sounds in blender, but rather to help you animate 3d synchronised to you music. Check the links in my sig for more info :wink:


NWC is the best midi notation software I have ever used. It doesn’t have some fancy stuff like sysex but simplicity and speed of score creation is IMO perfect. Few years a go when I have purchased NWC, I have looked for something free with at least half as good score handling and I couldn’t find it. Now, I don’t know, I would have to look again, but Anvil Studio looks like something worth to try.

mario paint … need i say more

i’m sorry i tried not to post that but the urge got the better of me.

mario paint … need i say more

Umm, yes.
How exactly is Mario Paint similar to NWC?:smiley:

I use Harmony Assistant by Myriad software. I think it’s good for it’s price. $100 for the program plus the Gold soundbase.