'Nother Glass of Wine

Made in Blender.
Rendered with Blender Internal.


Wine needs a refractive index.

It does. I think it’s about 1.17. Anyway I was just playing around with the fluid simulator.

Wine is also “about” 1.17 :slight_smile: http://www.winehq.org/announce/1.1.17

You need better background…maybe DOF out the far edge of the plane? Or add texture of a table or something…
If you’re going for a studio shot then it’s just fine, but you may still think about changing the color from grey to something “more” colourful, it doesn’t have to be extra saturated, just a subtle tint should do.

The walls of the glass are too thick and so is the handle (not really sure how to name these things in english).
There would be some wine drops around the stream flowing into the glass. And probably even some barely visible bubbles when it collides. But such things are quite hard to do in 3D… I myself would add them in postpro.
There’s always a thin layer of wine on the inner walls of glass that remains here for several seconds because of refraction or whatever it’s caused by :-).
Also check some real photos of wine and tune the material itself a bit. I’m sure you know what I mean.