nother one of my cartoon heads


crits please

thank you

The correct link is:

You’ve got some nice things going on there. The nose is well modelled and the loops mostly look pretty good.

My main crit would be that the ears look stuck on because they don’t gently blend into the head. A bit of definition of the eyelids would be good too. At the moment they’re a bit flat.

Usually you would just attach screenshots and renders for crits and only upload blend files if you need someone to help you solve problems.

well i figured if i posted the blend people could rotate and look around the model to do some good critting

im starting on the body , but im not posting blends cus people get pissed lol

Don’t get me wrong. Posting blends isn’t a problem except that it means people have to download it, open it in Blender, look at it then return here to comment on it. You’ll get more response to pictures that show up in the post or with a single click - I think.

I spend a bit of time on the forums during my lunchbreak at work - so I don’t download .blends there which means I’d just move on to the next thread instead of commenting.

man checking the forums during lunch break??? man your my hero.

ok once i get my body more done ill post images

heres an update. not much and doesnt look great but its sumthing


i really like it, nice work! i downloaded the blend of just the head and its good work bro although i would take a look at the ears, the seem a bit too parallel to the head, maybe arch the back out a bit

the pic with the legs updated is nice man! i like the legs/feet although im not that please with arms they seem to fit the “man”

keep up the good work bro its turining into a very nice model

thanks bro, i like your style of talking and ya i hate the arms too i just done no wats wrong with em. maybe the bicepts are too long

you know i was looking at it again, maybe the arms are fine, but he needs sholders i think, that would widen the bicepts a bit and the length in my opinion look fine

this any better?


I think the problem was there were no shoulders. It looks like you’ve added some now which is better. The neck is too wide for the skinny body though. It looks okay from the side view but it’s too wide across the front.

updated , redid the body. added hands and feet

notice the blocky ness in the limbs because i had to add loops to get the feet to attache becus of the higher polys. im not sure wat to do next, any ideas