Nothing appears on CUDA Cycles Render Devices

Hello, so i’ve been trying to use the NVIDIA graphics card for my cycles rendering, but nothing appears in the CUDA section, although i have a GeForce GT 720M on my display adapters list.


Which operating system?

win 7 64 bit

Ahh, then you’ll have to wait for someone else. I’ve been using Linux exclusively for years.


Did you install the latest NVIDIA drivers, including CUDA?

It says the driver is at the latest version, but i think it’s kinda messed up because i checked the driver date in device manager and it says its still from 2013.

:slightly_smiling_face: Then I guess the issue can be found in that area. :slightly_smiling_face:

What you can do is uninstall your current NVIDIA driver and leftovers, then do a clean install of the latest driver. But be careful. If you haven’t done this before or a long time ago, do some Google research first.

Aight thanks for the tip! I’l try that out.

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