"Nothing but the rain": BGE meets The Right Stuff, RECORD ANIMATION!

Hi gang!
I think this might be my first BGE thread… It’s been a while since I’ve worked in the BGE, but I have to get back to it in a big way now for my current project.
Here’s what will probably seem a silly question…
Is there a way to make the BGE control Cycles materials?
Specifically, I designed Flight Simulators for the spaceships in my sci-fi scene quite some time ago, before there even was a Cycles. I’ve become very Cycles-centric since I started using the new rendering engine.
However, I’m not sure that Cycles is very supported in BGE at this time.
What I want to do is have emitting surfaces on my spaceships (the engines and reaction control jets…) controlled by BGE logic. In other words, if I push the “gas” button on my joystick or pull back on the stick, I want that action reflected in the emission value in the associated reaction control surface or engine.
I played around a little with the new logic bricks in BGE, but I can’t really see a way right now to effect Cycles materials in the new bricks.
I suppose I could manually do it by hunting down the change in values in the data from BGE in the Graph Editor, but that would be a serious pain…
Note: I’m not trying to make a video game per se. I’m trying to make animated video. I just use the BGE to create realistic motion in my videos. So, it doesn’t have to look great in BGE. But it does have to look great in rendering…

Anyone know of a good tutorial anywhere that might address these kinds of issues?

Cycles is a rendering engine
BGE is a game engine

The two are processes that do different things. You cannot have cycles in BGE because the two are so different. After all, can you render frames from a movie using cycles at 60fps? Doubt it.
What you can do is use cycles to bake textures.

What I think you are looking for is a way to record the objects motion in a game, so you can use teh physics in a animation. Yes?
Go into game mode, and hit [game->record frames to ipo]
Then press play.

It will run really slow, maybe 5-6 fps unless you have a good PC

Then when it is done, hit alt-A or render it or whatever. The physics is now recorded as an animation

You can’t have BGE as a “Particle animation control” system for Blender render (Cycles,BI or any other).
BGE just return data to Blender recording Physics as sdfgeoff said before.

Short answer: No
Longer answer: The BGE and Cycles are two completely different things, you wouldn’t be able to directly control or even affect Cycles with BGE logic. The best you could probably do is use Python to output a file containing lists of values and then use that data to help script the events and effects in your Cycles animation.

Thanks, Ace. Exactly what I needed to know.
Alright, manually, I guess, is the way to do it. Uggg. I so hoped I could save a lot of work by using BGE controls…
Your Py file listing values sounds like the best approach. I’ll have to look into something like that.

No chance!

My head is so full of mucus I’m swimming in it. And sneezing every five minutes. I think I’m dying.
That’s why it’s really important that someone very knowledgeable in BGE uphold my memory. As my dying wish, I only hope that you, oh True Blender Game Genius, will Fight The Good Fight. Take this .blend http://www.mediafire.com/?78tomll97ctn9o1 (lovingly compressed as a 7zip file (because BA is tight as a…), my final mortal act, my last breath…) and see that Future Generations of Blenderheads do not succumb to the same sad fate as killed me…
Although normally of sound mind, this a-fevered sweaty pate of mine has probably made some simple goof, which I am certain you can solve.
And a mystery it is:
This is a model from Blendswap of a Mk2 Viper from the new Battlestar Remake (I so miss that show!), modeled by bswap’s Kuhno362.
I designed the flight sim controls, and they are set for joystick interaction. Standard flight controls, buttons 1-4 control the strafe, dive and rise, right triggers 1 and 2 are thrust and retro. But those aren’t the point.
The point is this: it’s about getting the Reaction Control Jets to fire in the BGE, and to record their animation so that I don’t have to manually keyframe a Fake Jet (and guessing to boot) everytime I see my plane make some minor course adjustment in the animation playback. That would be incredibly tedious. The BGE should be able to do that work for me.
And it does work in BGE. But ONLY WHEN YOU PUSH THE STICK FORWARD INTO NOSE DOWN. That’s the only jet I made, as a test. And it works. Go to BGE, hit P, push the left stick forward to Down, and you’ll see the control jet shoot out of the top of the nose of the plane.
Now, here’s the kicker: click “record animation” and do it.
Guess what happens? That’s right. The RCS jet, white hot and sizzling, snaps straight to the control center (in this case, a cam (weird, I know. It’s an old method I used when I first started out…, pre-BGEArmatures…)) of the Viper, in this case the Pilot’s Seat, frying poor snotty-mouthed Kara Thrace to a very sexy crisp.
That’s what I’ve been pulling my hair out about for THREE SOLID DAYS. This wasn’t even the first iteration of this logic setup. In the beginning, the RCS jet bone was setup as Action PlayStop, playing a brief animation of the bone shooting up out of the nose. Yet the same thing happened back then too, straight down Starbuck’s throat.
The bone is parented to the cam. Otherwise, the jets would not stay with the plane. I can’t think of any other way of doing it. And I’m guessing that’s the cause. I’ve tried everything. I changed the bone through Rigid, Dyn, Stat, with collision bounds and without, and played with other, even simpler models of just a couple of bones and two cones. Nothing works.
It’s all about this working in “Record Animation.” That’s the whole point.
Does anyone know how to make this work? Or is this simply something BGE can’t manage?
Yes, my logic is crazy. Have fun studying the weirdness in there. There’s a good reason I switched my major from Computer Science to English Lit. Oh yes.
But you’re my Only Hope, oh fearless GameDesigner.
I only hope that, after you’ve downed the .blend, and taken some time tinkering with it, you’ll keep my dying memory alive, summon up your gaul, and just this one last time, win just one For The Gipper.
I can feel the strength ebbing away now. Oh the light.
“What do you hear, Starbuck?”
“Nothing but the rain, sir…”

Uhh, that was a, uhh, great music video, there Crumpet…
So, after downloading the .blend and having a look, do you have any thoughts on how this could be made to work? Would it make more sense to just build a mesh for every different move of the stick and every thruster fire configuration with jets for each, and do a Replace Mesh brick?
I wish I knew. I’m awful at programming, and the sum total of my BGE knowledge could fit in a thimble with room to spare for a house.
But you seem to be a code and game expert. I would think this whole problem I’m having, which is completely screwing up my gig, would be a five-minute solution for an old hand like you…

It sounded like you needed the diversion and since it was on topic … “Nothing but the rain” … it seemed a fit. :wink:
But sadly…

There isn’t much more I can do for you either atm. but smile: :smiley:

I’ll let you know as soon as I come up with the proper way to describe how helpful that is…

In case anyone doesn’t understand what I’m talking about, I’ll follow Saint Andrew Price’s First Law Of Good Scene Creation…:

See, this is what I’m talking about.
I would have put RCS jets fired out of the thrusters to control the Pod’s movement and attitude. Except Kubrick DID NOT do that to his Pods in “2001.” So it wouldn’t make sense. In this particular case…
But in a MODERN animated film, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE THRUSTERS FIRING. Or it looks silly.
So how can I make that happen with “record animation” on in the game engine?
I set up flight controls in the game engine and flew the pod like a flight sim. It would be nice to have the little jets going off too.
Or do you guys just make First Person Shooter games?