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Edit: don´t have the time nor the energy for this. Need to get away from 3d for awhile. Maybe I´ll see you guys in the future…

So things didn´t turn out as easy as I thought… big surprise, lol :slight_smile:

In my humble opinion her boobs is too “oppai”:eyebrowlift: hahaha XD

Heh, they definitely don´t look natural, I realise that :wink: Although I do reserve some artistic liberty, the end result won´t be so overly “perky”.

i have the same problem with my wip hahaha making natural looking boobs is so hard :stuck_out_tongue:
please carry on if you have spare time :wink:

nevermind. nothing to see here

so started to apply simple materials (by no means final, but I do like the flat shaded style), and figuredout how to do interior scenes in the game. Going for a cut-out, senctioned style, works better for walking around with the player. I´m still reusing assets, and that will change, I´m just thinking layout right now…


Todays work in Blender. School interiors, still WIP.
Interiors are fun and fairly simple, but I´ll have to come back to this at a later time - tomorrow I begin work on character models.

So, couldn´t help myself, wanted to make the final section of the first floor of the school, the toilet/cafeteria hallway:
but I also started working on a basemesh for my characters. This took longer than expected, mostly because I tried to find a good strategy to model low poly, simple topology and animatable at the same time…

mostly done with the basemesh. More detail can easily be added via new edgeloops, and edgesliding, I keep it like this to be able to adapt more easily to other bodytypes.

Coming along nicely! Nice topology on that basemesh. I’m a game developer too. Judging by your signature this sounds like a very interesting project, if you don’t mind me asking how does the T&A fit into it? Is the focus more on adventure or more in that aspect? Either way it’s coming along nicely!

The project in my signature is my main one, currently on hold to find inspiration. It´s not a game, but an animation.

Tnx for the comments! :smiley:

It’s a Larry-like!? Awesome! I love LSL! Can’t wait to see more.

Been working more on the female basemesh:
Also reworked an old car model for lowpoly:

Lovely car model so far!


As soon as I uploaded it, I saw some flaws and updated the picture above (improved headlight area), think it flows a bit better now.

I looove my base headmesh! Was able to do these faces in just a a few minutes, just by moving around geometry with proportional editing :slight_smile: Add some sculpting to that, and I can work in lightning speed! Original basemesh is first to the left.

This is obviously just quickly blocked out, with some quick simple materials slapped on for better visualization (not that it´s suppposed to look realistic), but I´m rather pleased with the huose design :slight_smile:

this one´s ready for UV:s, which I will not do right away because after all that meshfixing I need something fun in my life again :stuck_out_tongue: I am, however, very satisfied with having done such a complicated mesh in just over a day :slight_smile:

Todays exercise, my own design :smiley: