nothing special but should fit any t-shirt :)

(tomaswoj) #1

30minutes of play
nothing spectacular but it’s a t-shirt pic overall :slight_smile:

beware [400kb+ .png file]

keep together in this hard time

(kerosene) #2

very cool!! :slight_smile:

keep blending,

(IamInnocent) #3
Somewhat frightening ! :))

(S68) #4

Nice logo :slight_smile:

(sten) #5

somewhat different but I like the design of it…maybe somewhere it should be said that is meant for Blender for those that don’t know what it is suppose to be :slight_smile:

nice work , maybe we can do some Blender t-shirt contest and then we can order it somehow with

check my topic here:


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(VelikM) #6

Nice design. It would look good on a t-shirt, they only ones that matter would know what it was about.