Nothing Special

I was just browsing over at the forums when i saw a post titled Blender Optimized, i looked inside to find a guy claiming that he made his blender render twice as fast. So i thought, it cant do any harm trying it.

I made a small test with a ridiculous amount of particles and a massive halo size, with the conventional normal Blender for Windows it took 40 seconds to render. With the Intel Optimized version it only took 15!.

Anyway i’m not posting that, that was a just what led me to this. This is an image that i thought of making after i made that test, its meant to be looking out of a Space Ship travelling at Light Speed. Its kinda inspired by Star Wars. First time i have found a good use of MBlur.

while i was looking at the pic i got the impression that it was moving
interesting :slight_smile:

WO… vvery cool, i got the same feeling


Wooaaah, I feel like I’ve just been traveling to another dimension… and… wah, I can see Blending people…


i wanna see an animation. perhaps a tube outside the particles with a rotating clouds texture?

And don’t forget to add some psychedelic colors, like in the Rayman(3) bonus levels :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies, i hope to have a very short finished animation of it soon.

Hehe, same for me.

Got round to animating it nothing special, took about half hour to render, due to the motion blur. File is 2 mb DivX AVI file. I didnt add any Pshycadelic stuff yet, i might do at some point.

Edit :

I’m having problems with my host, could someone hose the file if i send them it?

I can host it … mail it to me
[email protected]
and Ill slap in on my server for ya

Hmmm, hotmail has a 1024k File Send and Recieve size limit. So i wouldnt be able to send it and you wouldnt be able to download it. I’m using space on my school server and i think it filters .avi files, so i will rename it .divx and try uploading again.


It worked heres the link

I know that filenames with .divx play with the DivX player on my computer, but if you dont have it, you may need to rename .avi