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Love it…

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thank u …

Particularly like the sky. Great outdoor lighting.
The wall and wagon are very good. The only comment on the wall might be “lack of vines or dirt on The stone.”

For lighting, What are you using? if you care to - could you reveal the strength and number of lights or HDRI?

Also just noticed the sacks in the cart. They seem to be coarse burlap sacks. But the geometry of the those bag meshes need to be subdivided, with a smoothing modifier, or simply using the smoothing tool to round them out.

Also, not knowing your computer’s horsepower, you should likely add a partical effect to the sacks, to get a small fur of fuzz.
Or … at least create a normal for the sacks so that there is some depth to the texture.

i d love to improuve it as u say … for the lighting i use hdri than i add a big cube in the seen with a volume absorbtion to his volume … and play with value of saturation and the gamma of the hdri

To my eye, the modeling and set are great, but the materials seem to be coming out mostly the same. Now, this could be “late evening sunlight,” but I think that there really ought to be more difference of tone e.g. between the wagon and the stone wall.

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