Notification area backround color?

I have a question about the color of the notification area background color.I can’t find where its controlled, nothing seems to have any effect on it.
In every theme I tried it had the same color, although in some themes it’s shaded and in others it’s flat.
I would like to change the background color because when making a light on dark theme, the header text must be a light color;thus is almost unreadable on the light background of the notification area.

So I could either; decouple the notification text color from the header text color, or, change the area background. I might look into the script for this if I have to but I wanted to make sure I’m not just missing something in the themes editor.

I found its using the text box color, which is fine, but we should be able to control the text color, its not very usable for dark themes.

This happens to be one of the first settings I tweak in my preferences, since Elsyiun is otherwise perfect besides unreadable reports.

It is under Themes > Info > Header Text.

I have not found what controls the background of the reports banner.