Notification of Bug and solution (NLA)

(ilac) #1

Ha! only this morning I was asking where would be the most appropriate place to inform you all about my ‘discovery’ and now this phorum turns up! So here goes:

While working with the NLA (Blender 2.25, Windows98SE), I discovered a bug and think I managed to narrow it down to the cause:

The problem:

  1. If in the NLA you create one or several duplicates (shift D) of an existing strip,
  2. then save the file and
  3. then Delete one or several of the Duplicates but leave at least one behind (even if it’s the original)
  4. and re-save the file,

You will notice that once you close the file you will no longer be able to re-open it!
You will only realise this when you actually close down the file and try to reopen it - Blender crashes! It’s a bit of an ugly bug because you can spend hours working after having deleted a duplicate and are not aware that you can no longer open the file once you close it.

This bug exists only with Shift D and only as long as a least one duplicate still exists: so if you delete all duplicates includeing the original, then their is no problem. Also if you add strips with shift A, even if of the same action, there is no problem with deleting one or more of the strips. Also no problem if you shift-D but don’t delete any of them.

Hope this saves some of you a lot of trouble! I know it gave me a real lot of trouble!


For those of you with decent connections, you can see my 5 sec NLA test animation at:

(OOPz) #2

youll probably find (as with most blender bugs of this type) that opening a new file and appending the scene in question will be sufficient to fix it,

Definaly woth a try if this or any other blender loading error bites you in the [CENSORED].

(ilac) #3

I believe i had tried that and it didn’t work! :frowning: I had tried several things including opening the file with a previous version of Blender which didn’t have the NLA but nothing worked. Once you have closed the file it becomes inaccessable!!

Thanks for your suggestion anyway :smiley: