noting what is on what layer

Is that how to spell noting? don’t look right.
i keep forgetting what is on each layer.
any ideas?
so when i reopen the file i know what is where!

You could always leave a file open in the text-editor that had the info in it. Wouldn’t even have to save it or leave the text editor window open - each time you load the file, just bring the text editor window back up and then click on the up/down arrow icon between AB & Screen12 buttons to select the text, which will be named “Text” unless you rename it to something more descriptive.

EDIT: Just make sure you don’t close the text-file!! You can close the window or change it to another one, but if you hit the X button next to the file’s name and close it, it’s gone unless saved as a separate file. If you do accidentally close it, Ctrl-Z will bring it back.

There is a build available that lets you name the layers. I think it’s available at Graphicall.

can someone please explain what this means.
i have no idea!


It means that not only can you access the layers with the standard buttons, but you can also name them to indicate their content, much like you can with Maya. Sure saves the clunky text editor approach…

As for the bit about builds and graphicall, have a look here, there’s versions of the program uploaded on a daily basis, each with their own special feature - some with many of these small features all combined. e.g P4 optimizations, sound optimizations, windows, linux, apple, special particle versions - the list goes on.(& on & on&on)