[NOV 2016] Pay Blender Youtube Video Tutorial about 3D model mesh optimization.

Blender Task

Make your offer for making a Blender Video Tutorial About:
Mesh Fix and Optimization Video Tutorial

MOTIVATION: Same game object mesh contains bad triangle normal that need to be fixed. Also, flipped triangles, redundant quality, duplicated triangles. We want to preserve the tangent and improve or fix others preparing the model for the final unwrapping UV Mapping phase. We need a Youtube video tutorial about this process. We give you the mesh to optimize.

Improve triangles normal orientation
Adding triangles for closing holes or by moving the intersections.
Mesh reduction by deleting redundant triangles
UV Mapping Unwrapping

LOD in the game, it will be apply an automatic, so it is not needed.


PM Sent, as well as Applied on Unity Connect

Sending PM, is this position still available?