Novel Production - Games and Movies - Curious

I’m a published science fiction writer, new to the Blender world - found it through a little research. I’m curious about this community. I have full movie and merchandising rights to my novels, and have seriously considered venturing into mutimedia production - games and movies.

I’m also an entrepreneur, and enjoy seeing things created from the ground up, often in the face of “elitists,” who sneer at those who don’t follow their norms of operation. A similar feeling seems to sift through the Blender world, so I’m curious …

Is Blender and its community a viable resource to consider developing my work - Games and Movies? Is there expertise here that I could tap into? I’m not a programmer, a game developer, nor a movie maker. But I do know what I want. Are there experts here who might assist and/or join in my work?

As far as animated films go, have you seen, Elephant Dream

I think you will find there is a lot of interest in what you want to do, and of course as always there will be a lot of willingness to help.

I can’t remember the site now but there was a French team using Blender to produce live action compositions with Blender.