Novus Terra

Welcome to my new project - Novus Terra

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Humans discover and travel to an alien world inhabited by intelligent but primitive aliens. The colonies are quickly setup and it seems that humanity has found a new world to colonize, until some strange disturbances start happening. The story will focus on these disturbances and what they will lead to.


The game will be set on an alien desert world. There will be a contrast of advanced Technology and primitive tribal peoples. The humans will be split into 3 factions: Military, Rebels, Naturalists (shy away from tech). Each faction will have its own art style to identify with.

Anyone is welcome! We currently need - a concept artist!

Team so far:
Spartan Jason .Models
Sonic14 …Models
KeyFinder …Models
DirtDiver …High Poly Models, Music
TWS … Music
Goh …Story, Game Details
kcmcroxton …Animation
mozakon…Concept art

All coordination with the project is done on Google Docs. If you haven’t been given access to the docs please PM me. Thanks.



Wow, Ex! You really are multitasking! :slight_smile: I’d like to offer my help.You know my strength and weaknesses. Eventuall plus - I"m science fiction reader. If you want me on the team,just say. If not,still ok :slight_smile:

Minor crits. Actually I’ll spare them since the project is just born.
I like the start screen.Clean yet sufficient. Waiting to see the coming next progress.

I would love to help on this project! I model, texture, rig, and animate. Let me know what you need. Email: [email protected]

Amazing the first screen! :smiley:
And looks like a good performace too. but why so high logic value in profile?
Take a look in that, probably is a little thing to fix. :smiley:
Good Luck in this project, i really would to see it finished!
Bye! :smiley:

I could assist as a modeler, as I am good at it, and horrible at texturing. I could be more of a “Prop modeler” but I can do alot of stuff. Here is a screenshot of what I have done:

First things first, I do like the name. +1.

Moving on. The story is more or less a generic science fiction narrative - I can see different flavours from different places. But have heart, if you play your cards right, that will cease to matter. I can’t say much beyond that without seeing more but I hope you have reasons for everything that’s done. Good reasons.

From your short synopsis, I’m with the native aliens - they appear to be the ‘victims’ in this encounter. I think you might want to flesh out the good versus bad side here. Are the humans the ‘evil’ bunch for intruding another planet and attacking its denizens (even if it were in self defence)? Are the aliens ‘evil’ for being extremely xenophobic? And then, are the aliens the aliens or the humans (who are outsiders remember) the aliens?

Imagine for a moment you were a mass of tentacles and ooze, and a ship invaded your atmosphere, from which spilt pink, hairless ape things. I don’t know about you, but they have no tentacles … they must be aliens, you surmise. You tell the Elder Goo and everyone comes to the conclusion they have come to rob you of your tentacles (the cannibals say they taste good). Needless to say,

                             Lack of communication + misinformation = War

About the setting being an alien desert world: I understand the tribal part but where do they armies come from? Tribes infers each tribe has it’s own warriors. Now, although some tribes may join together to defend the planet, mortal enemies stay mortal enemies. And what’s that lovely proverb? The enemy of my enemy is my friend (something along those lines). So, are there any traitor aliens?

Unfortunately, I’m still learning the ropes and as far as my life’s grand schedule is working out, everything is going a bit slowly. Nevertheless, if you ever feel the inexplicable urge to suddenly tell people about how you went around coding stuff, I’m sure more than a few would be interested wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Good luck.

Thanks for the replies

@Zaeche: Thanks for the breakdown of the game, and I agree with your points. In fact I was wondering how I could create a Good vs Evil setup while still keep the moral ambiguity so the player can make either choice. Maybe once the story gets deeper. I would love to continue to have you critics on this project! It helps find the week areas of the game.

@vitorbalbio: Its the dumb filters… I will fix and optimize them later on.

@blubernuget, goh, and Spartan: Welcome to the project! I will organize the project using google docs, so you will need a gmail account, if that is a problem, I’m sure we can work something out.


Thanks! Ill pm you my gmail!

hey email me :smiley: I love those screens enough to offer my services :smiley: and if enough levels get done with this, I have a great game idea I would like to propose to you :smiley:

[email protected] :smiley:

Awesome. You just created the sequel to Mid Drift. Kind of…lol. Great minds think a like. I like the idea of being able to choose your side though. It will keep the gameplay interesting, and shouldn’t get old too fast.
Good luck guys. Oh and TeamViewer works fantastic for working on projects together, and it’s truely live communication.

im sensing a bit of similarity to the movie “Battle For Terra” actually the story basically matches “Battle For Terra” almost perfectly, although this game sound extremely cool. i can do some modeling a texturing, mostly props, characters aren’t my strong point, i can do coding, but im used to 2.49b. i can also offer my advice(story ides/ improvment, etc etc)

I can also do voices
anything form higher pitched alien transmissions, to the halo “Double kill!” “Triple Kill!” etc etc.

Well thats weird about Battle for Terra. I haven’t even heard of that movie before. I guess thats what you get if you use a generic Scifi plot…

Oh yeah, Mid drift does sound similar! Teamviewer is a nice program for sure!

Anyway, I must say, thanks to the people who joined this project!

As a reward here are a few more screens:


Are you drawing your own terrain maps?. They look nice.

@ Turbomonkey: Well its a combo of things I learned over a few years, but it boils down to using ANT Landscape generator and tweeking the values to get a good base terrain. The go in with sculpt and edit a few spots.

Spartan Jason and I have been busy making props. Here they are in a test room with placeholder textures:


That’s pretty spectacular right there, I’m not gonna lie. Screenshots look amazing, what are your system specs?

First picture doesn’t show up when I click on it, but the second is amazing. What’s the face count? The tiling on the walls is a bit odd in where it repeats, but it can be easily remedied. Anywho, it’s looking great!

@ The Red Hand: Glad you like it.

My Rig is a low/mid range Gaming PC:
Windows 7 32bit (dont worry I dual boot ubuntu :slight_smile: )
4GB Ram (only uses 3.25GB because its 32bit)
ATI Radeo 5870
AMD Athalon II (Quad Core) 635 - 2.90GHz

@ SolarLune: The face count is low, I want to keep it as low as possible and add details with textures.

We need faces!..



I’m interested in joining this project as a modeler/sculptor; however I currently cannot actively participate in this project due to mid-year exams which will no longer be an issue after the conclusion of next week. Below are a two renders of an alien which I have spent some time sculpting; I envisioned that this particular species of alien to have a brown wood resembling skin so as to be similar the environment of their planet, and to be wearing nomadic style clothing.

I’m loving the terrain maps. Are these going to be the game play graphics?

Sweet! Glad to see my models are actually good enough to be put into a game :stuck_out_tongue: The textures, even if they are placeholders, look great! Also, I will not be here for the next 2 weeks (vacation).