(MaceG) #1

Anybody using NOW 3D? If not, check it out. It’s good raytracer and–yes-- it’s free!


(Sprite) #2

“Have you a link, sir?”

(to paraphrase a quote from some Charles Dickens novel whose title I cannot recall at the moment)

Maybe I should just use Google. :slight_smile:

(iluvblender) #3


Here is the link to Now 3D site

have fun

(dickie) #4

now 3d sucks.
i just downloaded it.
complete waste of bandwidth.

(SatoriGFX) #5

Was just about to say the same thing. Now3D looks pretty damn nice on Paper. The only problem is, it’s written in VB (if I remember correctly) and is slow. Real slow. Anyonw who thinks BMRT or POV is a slow renderer ought to try Now3D. That’s slow.


(MaceG) #6

Slow? Yeah.
Good renderer? Yeah.


(rivenwanderer) #7

I’ve got it on my computer. It’s so nice as a Blender user to be able to throw down some nicely-raytraced primitives, but it’s really too slow to be more than a fun toy when you’re getting sick of env maps. The thing I like about it is it’s (1) free {always very important for me} and (2) it raytraces but it still has a graphical interface {having to learn a programming-like language has always been a deterrent to seriously trying most raytracers out there}.