NOW do you believe in santa?

at, I saw a funny poptart add. There were two poptarts sitting dazedly on a plate, one with a bite out of him. The one without a bite taken out of him says, NOW do you believe in santa? I thought it was the most hilarious thing, so I copied it, though I’m doing oreos instead.
I have one light source, but for some reason my objects aren’t making shadows… I made sure they are supposed to, it says they should be casting shadows but they aren’t. I’m thinking about adding something Christmasy in the background just to make sure people get it… though I’m not sure how neccesary it is. The oreo in the bottom left is actually sitting, but without a shadow you can’t really tell. This won’t be an animation, I will just add the words in photoshop.

Nice lipton lover,
I love the paper plate,
I dont see a bite taken out of any of these lucky little orieos though?

Make sure your light has shadows inabled, and make sure your materials have shadows inabled as well.

Keep up the good work

I did… and I can’t figure out how to do a bite, so unless someone can help me with that, I went with crumbs. I think I’ll put 2 arms and 2 legs sitting there too, and his eyes tho so it’s more obvious that one has been eaten.

I just noticed your plate is casting a shadow.
maby you just need to move the light alittle bit

To make a bite, just grab a few verts and drag them towards the center of the cookie,
so it looks like that part is missing,

I like the idea of a grousum aftermath scene though, so limbs and crumbs is a great idea as well

I put the light in all sorts of spots, at all angles, all powers,and all different types and it didn’t do it still… Thanks!

Added a bite to the mourning oreo, and tried to find the lighting problem but there just isn’t one :frowning:

make sure that the ray button is on. delete all the lamps exept the shadow-casting lamp untill you get the shadows working,
note hemi lamps cannot cast a shadow

if that still dus not work can you post a screen shot of the material and lamp settings plz (file/dump screen)


Ok the ray shadow button fixed the problem :slight_smile: thx.
Added an oreo laying doing so you can see the white.
I think my subject is finished, now I need to give them a place to be set on. What do you guys think about putting them on a mantle, with some stockings just showing below? Though Idk how I’ll manage making a stocking…

here is the finished? product.

Not to be rude but I’d really like some crit on my image… I still need help with it. Especially whether or not the bite is visible enough, and whether the wall behind should be more visible. Maybe I should go back to space ships… ppl seem interested in those :smiley:

it is a vary dark image… It is difficult to see any details… if you look at an Oreo cookie they are not completely black, they are more of a dark brown.

thx :slight_smile: I didn’t want it to be too bright because I like darker, warmer cozier atmospheres… besides I don’t want to have to make all the surroundings, so having it like this makes things easier. I’m not good enough to even make a stocking to put on the wall behind the plate, or even a realistic looking cup :frowning:

First everyone starts somewhere.
Second If you want a cozy feel you might try a yellowish light… and maybe a spotlight to let you still leave the rest of the scene undefined.

I do have a slightly yellow light, doing it more than it is seemed off though. What do you mean by spotlight? I do already have a light shining on the scene, obviously. Thanks for replying!

I think the oreo lying down makes the story a bit confusing – if you want to show the white, I would suggest rotating the oreo on the left to show the filling.

Good idea thanks!

A spot light only has a cone of light shining from it. It would make only a small area lite up.

Speaking of area. You might want to move your camera to remove the blank space on one of the sides of the plate. Also you don’t need to show th whole plate for someone to be able to see that the cookies are on a plate.

PS. also if you wanted to try using a bump map here’s one for an Oreo.


I would recommend moving your spotlight to a higher position, to reduce the amount of blackness, and using buffered shadows with a higher soft value (your current shadows are quite sharp). A bit of ambient lighting would really help too, I think. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to turn on antialiasing. :slight_smile:

It looks like a really fun image.

thanksfor all your help guys! I will do it as soon as I can!