Now I need company names [post #9]

I want to make a model, or something. I need some ideas.

I’m running low on ideas.

Try this see if it helps:

not helping…

Grab the next best thing off your desk and try to model and render it realistic. Sometimes the ordinary things are the hardest… cellphone, a CD, waterglass, change, external hdd whatever.

To easy, I’ve been using blender for 4 years, I want to model something hard.

Well i am modeling now for ~15 years and i still consider things like this:

not too easy at all…

Since the Large Hadron Collider is big news this week, model it. Gather as many public drawings and pictures as necessary, along with descriptions, and get going. Post your progress in the WIP forum.

Actually, I’ll model a big mechanism, not quite sure what for… MAKIN’ EGGS!!! I’ll create an eggs n’ bakin’ bot!

I need suggestions for company names. I’m starting freelance work. The name should be nice and short, and the domain avalible. After 9 hours on domain sites, all I came up with was ($2,388) not cool…

call godaddy.

Change the world, help children learn to read:

Perhaps (Can you spot the reference?) or

hows about…muvyblend,cgeyed,cgkilla…
sorry getting a little carried away and non of them sound good.

Not very smart. I assume you never registered a domain before…
101 on domain registering… choose a name and check it up seconds before you register it. It has grown common on about 80% of the lookupsites to monitor the lookups… If they smell the money, they simply register it before you do… i´ve heared of cases where the person waited 5 mins between checkup and registration and the domain was gone.
Afterwards if you want the domain they sell it to you for big money… especially if you are a company, a band or an organisation…
And yes this is perfectly legal but dispiceable…
I lost to a excavation company ^^ i waited too long… but i am fine with too. If you are wondering, its Ars Ex Machina :smiley: ArExMa…

I registered,, I’m planning to work as a personal 3d artist.

What’s the best way to charge? Hourly or me give an estimate. I think estimate will work the best, thoughts?

generally, you would want to pick a memorable name and as short as possible. These days you have to be very creative because you’re jumpin’ on the www train a bit late. But, it is still possible.
Since you like blender, you could try
The advantage is that it is short (some surfers are lazy and the shorter the name, the better) and when your customers ask “what” that name stands for, you could simply give them a quick blender demo and … I’m sure anyone who would experience that would remember your company name.
I had a similar situation a while back when a web presence was needed for a project that features blender, inkscape & gimp. The challenge was that the name had to be short and cool (sort of cool) sounding. Eventually, I choose blingi
Luckily, it was still available …

Good luck with your new company motivated artist … or was it animated artist? :slight_smile:

P.S. Man, i just noticed that you’re getting advice from two Austrians here … how rare is that? LOL

you should’ve just got something catchy, like

but… for some reason, i get a feeling you are just going on your way, and not really listening. so…


I was listening, I have reasons for choosing that name. Anyways how should I charge?

$ 1000 US / hour,
this way you get the big contracts and not the little boring stuff that some dude in some company can’t finish because it’s so messed up that no one wants to do it and therefore contract it out to some local guy who is a friend of a friend’s neighbors sister and happens to be at the wrong place at the right time.

Hope you have good connections as the big $$$$ are in army related gigs and cutting edge research where you get to actually go on location and drool when you press render and see 8 cores hard at work while some clueless guy stops talking on his blackberry to ask if blender can rotate the whole scene at once?
On the positive side,if you manage to get a contract with the Canadian army, ya get to wear a temporary name tag with a red stripe that identifies you as a “Foreign National Contractor” but you still have to stand in line like everyone else when buying a coffee at the cafeteria.

WOW, i didn’t think that was inactive … who knew …