Now, if I wanted to find a "rubber-man cartoon" type model ... where could I find?

I’ve got a silly idea for a “joke for a friend” clip, but to do it I’d need to quickly get my hands on a “stick figure made of flexible rubber” type of figure, already built and rigged. I’d want to quickly dress him up with “clothing” that was rather obviously glued-on.

This guy doesn’t have to look “realistic,” and he shouldn’t, because what he’s going to do is to pantomime a roughly 30-second gag, with very exaggerated motions.

Where could I find one (for free)?

Try Mancandy might be what you’re after


Daniel Lara’s Red-nelb ( is also a pretty viable option.

Perfect. Tough choice, but I think I’m gonna use Pepe’s Red-nelb …

:eek: Time to start readin’ up on Blender 2.5x character animation so I can replicate all the moves (and the tricks like building the nose and the mouth) in the demonstration video! “The only thing that stays the same in Blender-land is … ridiculously rapid (and good!) change.”
This is the way that Blender usually makes me feel these days … :stuck_out_tongue: