Now I'm Pissed! Inked 7/8

Ok, not me(yet :wink: )! Her:
“inspiration”?----Slipknot and work :x !
C&C please…


you have a very good eye for proportions and poses… tecah me!


Oh great! another manga drawer…I’m so envious…must…learn…to…draw…manga…must…


Thanks for the replies traitor, mystery!
Traitor, I could never teach anyone; Heck, I’m re-learning!
But you could try this site(the best if you ask me):

Well, I don’t have much to say. Your style reminds me of DBZ. Once again, I see a very solid grasp of anatomy, and your “stylistic” problem with proportions (e.g. big heads :stuck_out_tongue: ) didn’t appear in this one. Nice job.

the DBZ look is unintentional, I think the problem I have is when I try to draw based on smaller sketch…so I copied this one and enlarge it…

it looks like she is missing her back leg

Thank you karthik, easy to fix…

Here’s a small update/color test; I haven’t decided on hair color(it’s not going to be blond :wink: ): or main site…

Thats one awesome site Cativo, thanx a lot for the link!


You welcome Mystery, what do you think of the update(color scheme)?

Here’s an update. I inked it, and made slight changes: Didn’t want to post the pic cause it might be too big…btw it’s a wip page :slight_smile:

The link is dead!

By the way the colour skeme was good, don’t think I have any crits :smiley:



I have been trying to learn to draw manga style too, but have failed miserably so far.

Good work, I like it so far.