Now named scout vessel; Spirit Fusion Sola IT

Hey everyone. I’ve been messing around with blender for a little over a year now I guess, but this is the first time I’ve posted a work in progress. I’ve come to elysiun many times over the last several months and have enjoyed seeing everyones work and have appreciated all the help people have given me in learning blender.

Any way here is what I’m working on currently. It is an original sci-fi design, it is meant to be a small scout vessel that could carry 2 to 4 personel in the front pod area. The rear section is a drive and cargo area. I intend it to be capable of spacial and atmospheric flight. I am currently debating on what to call it. I’ve been debating something with the word griffon in it, but that might be too corny. Also one technical question I want to put out there, I am having trouble getting the windows to show specularity. The windows do have some alpha value, but the specularity is set to be opaque on the material. The material looks correct in the thumbnail on the materials window, but fails to render that way.

So let me know what you think, and I’d be open to any suggestions. Hopefully there will be more to come over the weekend.

It’s looking food, although it looks a bit un-aerodynamic at the back… or is that a engine of some description?
Anyways, e great to see it once it’s done!

Only thing is the part where the main body joins the engine - it looks kinda unfinished. Other than that - very origional design - I like.

I’m not sure how it would fit to atmospheric flight, it looks unstable without any kind of wings at all. Maybe extend the sides so that they smoothly join the engine sides? Other than that I agree with bobthevirus in the good and the bad things. :slight_smile:

There will be some sort of neck connecting the passenger pod to the drive section. There are also going to be small wings and engines coming out of the drive section. I know its not totally feasable as far as aerodynamic flight is concerned, but this is sci-fi. And I really just intend for it to be able to land and take off, not lots of roaming about. Bye the bye it is partially inspired by Joss Whedon’s “Firefly”, ships on that show do things in atmospheres that are pert near impossible.
with placeholders

small update, I added some more detail in the drive section.

Wow i was about to post that i liked parts from the first 2 pics, but you put the best parts together hehe.

Looks really good. I also like the detail in the front part.

Keep working. Oh btw you might wanna add some roundness to the wing tips.

Gryphon, thanks for the comments. Right now the wings and engines are just place holder objects.

I’ve been working on a few details here and there, and hopefully I will be able to unveil the landing gear tomorrow. By the way I wanted to get some opinions on some ideas I have for a name for this thing.

Current Ideas:
Spirit Fusion Sola IT
Spiritous Saint Filo
Spiritous As Tinfoil
Spirit Unit Sofia Sol

Updates will come tomorrow evening.

Spirit Fusion Sola IT sounds best to me. Spiritous Saint Filo sounds like a horse or a dog, Spiritous As Tinfoil sounds… well… just… Tinfoil??? Spirit Unit Sofia Sol is the second best option but it’s still not as good as Spirit Fusion Sola IT. :slight_smile:

I’m having some trouble with my landing gear. If anyone knows how to mirror an object and have its local coordinates mirror with it I would be very appreciative.

I found a work around for the trouble I was having with my landing gear. So here are some updated pics.

ZeroOne, I agree I think I am going to go with Spirit Fusion Sola IT; though Spirit Unit Sophia Sol would be great for a “Spirit Unit” series of ships.

you need a third landing gear up under the cockpit part. Right now it would topple over forward.
Great job so far.

Gryphon; I have moved the landing gear forward a good deal since that last render. I’ll give an orthographic side view, so I can get your opinion again, but I think the drive sections weight would be balance out.

PhilArt, you might need to land on a hillside or otherwise rough terrain, two landing gears just won’t keep it in balance. Add a third one and make them far enough from each other.

I’ve been making a little progress on this over the past week, here are some engine updates.

you do realize that that thing would never fly in any sort of atmosphere right? i have a knack for practicality! :wink: sorry :frowning:

It would be impossible, except if flies using the power of Satan!!! :<

Seriously, I know and I’m not too concerned about it; I’m just having fun.

Hey, here we go, coming up on completion. Take a look at this and tell me what you think. Just a little more geometry and I’ll start texturing.

lol That thing looks like it can turn into a Mech. :smiley:
Thats great man very good work.
Are you going to work on the texturing soon?

pretty nice design, and really good modelling.