Now named scout vessel; Spirit Fusion Sola IT

Very nice and clean modeling! Hope to see it textured soon!

One area I’ve had trouble deciding what to do with is the lower aft section. I’ve placed some sensor/communication pods there, but intend to add some other details; possibly vents ore something.

Quite nice! As far as the specularity goes, it appears that the window doesn’t have any light to collect into a specular highlight. If you A) curve the windows, which is mostly what causes specularity, then move the light a bit, you should get a nice specular glimmer. Lemme know how that works. And, of course, just in case it isn’t apparant, no matter what the alpha is, set the spec value real high if you want specularity. Hope that wasn’t too painfully obvious.

Actually I messed with the windows quite a bit when I first made them and had little luck getting spec, They are curved, but I’ll mess with some of the other setting some more. Thanks

Update. I’ve been working on some engine glows and messing around with AO and radiosity rendering. If anyone as any suggestions on how to make the running lights look more like light bulbs, let me know.

Well, I Must say that I was not thoroughly impressed with the way this model started and that is why I have not posted in this thread.

But now I have to say that this is one excellent piece of work. You have progressed very well and added a lot of very interesting and cool details that really make this model stand out.

Great work.


well its been a while since I posted, but I now have some significant updates. I have done little additional modeling, but take a look at the textures I’ve been working on.

when i first saw this thread i wondered how it coulkd fly, finally i can say this, that’s looks like a a working ship! only texture problem i could see is the window texturing still needs work.

yeah the windows still look like poop. They are modelled though. I messed with them so much in the beginning and couldn’t get it sussed out, that I just can’t bring my self to mess with them yet. But now worries the will look better before I call it quits on this model.

Now we are getting somewhere! The last few images look excelent! Suggestions for the windows: Make them less round, and make them reflective, perhaps with some freshnel.

This is going look amazing.