now recruiting details inside

for those of you who have played Bioshock please continue reading for those who havent well you cant really help me.

I am planning a project an animation of bioshock and i am looking for ppl to help
i will be working on the facial features and heads
i need:
animator: for all characters and must be able to rig them up
texture designer: for buildings and characters
arcitectual designer: i cant make buildiings X(

thanks in advance for help :slight_smile:

by the way im sorta new im mostly doing this for rep so that i start getting known on these forums :cool:

i will start work on the Big Daddy head as that seems like it would be the hardest.

The rep you’ll get trying to recruit people to work for you in Work-In-Progress is not a rep you’ll want. If you’re trying to ‘win friends and influence people’ you should read the stickies and browse some other threads to see how things work around here.

Architecture designer .i thing i can do something