now you can see what she's wielding

(theresnothi) #1

ok, two things not to comment on:

  1. the claws were inspired by Dynasty Warriors 3 character Zhang He
    (actually, feel free to comment on the claws)
  2. The lights are too bright, so don’t give me any specularity improvement problems as i will fix them later (she might not even be in this same scene)

the site is in my signature, the claws are on the second pic

(blengine) #2

looks great… claws seem too organic than metal, and are too big n thick =\ but everything else is looking nice 8)

(pofo) #3

Clothes seem very loose. The shoulder straps go a fair bit above the shoulder :o
The claws are very long, so I think they need more support on the glove. I think you should let them go back all the way to the back of it.

Keep at it and this will look good :slight_smile:

  1. pofo