(seval) #1 is where you can get this program. What I wanted to know…has anyone had any real success using this raytracer? Just went to the site the other day and was amazed at some of the improvements, since I first saw the program. However, I downloaded it and found that I could not change the rendersize from the barely viewable 1 inch preset. Also… obviously no character animation… unless your “character” happens to be a single cube. Am I missing something? Iwas drooling over some of the examples of HDRI and Global Illumination… I wish I could use these tools since they are free.

(Enzoblue) #2

I got it. The rendersize is a function of the camera, change it in the properties there.

What I wanna know is how do you put the plug-ins in. They’re .exe files that just give a cannot find file message when I open them.

(seval) #3

I believe it was an option to the right hand side… I think there were 4 plugins. You were trying to open the executables themseles. ? They are an option from inside the program. Anyway… I just got the Flamingo plugin for Rhino. Check out the eval if you get a chance. Seems pretty cool. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of Entropy since Exluna is no more ???

(Enzoblue) #4

Figured it out. WinXP won’t run 16 bit programs with a longer than 64 char path.

Besides that, so far Now3d seems only useful for objects nothing more complicated than a cone shape, (unless you own 3dmax et al). It won’t take Wings objects exported in any format, and can only take the simplest stuff I make in Blender exporting to .obj. Might be a way to do it, but unless you speak Italian you do’t get to far looking at the forums.

(seval) #5

Such a pity. Looked like a beautiful raytracer.

(mrmunkily) #6

It’s got a SDK and file format spec at the bottom. maybe someone wants to make a exporter?