NP Station


(Jakroval) #122

@ Juhaw,

Please walk me through this; First I click on the button point_move -> press Ctrl to snap (I get lost -> you press A on keyboard) when click on a vertex it snap to the object. Please type the steps how you select and add those vertices.

(Okavango) #123

Jakroval, check the post number 10 of this thread.

(Jakroval) #124


Thanks you, finally I got it.

To be clear for every one: Click on the action button like (Point_Move) -> hit Shift+Tab -> A (to mark it) Click the Middle Mouse Button -> move to others vertices -> A (to mark it) Click the Middle; If you mark 3 point=> find the center of triangle face, 4 points for a rectangle or square, and so on.

({- _ -}) #125

well, my attempt to create pie menu for NP Station failed
anybody could help
here is what I’ve got:

(Okavango) #126

Could you please describe how is the problem manifested? What does your console log say?

({- _ -}) #127

console: “search for unknown operator”
key binding appears in the preferences but it doesn’t do nothing
it just doesn’t work

(Okavango) #128

Hi {- _ -}, try this one. And don’t forget to enable NP Station.

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({- _ -}) #129

great, works like a charm
many thanks

you did magnificent job, one of my favorite addons ever

(Okavango) #130

No problem. Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot.

(Andreas) #131

That’s what I’ve been looking for! Thanks Sir!

(Okavango) #132

You’re welcome, glad if you find it useful.

(sceyefeye) #133

Wondering if I am missing something but I cannot get NP_Move to work from the tool shelf. If I search for the operator it works, but clicking the button on the tool shelf does absolutely nothing for me :frowning: (as I say works as expected if I search for the command). To be clear the rest of the NP commands are working for me, and produce info if I toggle system console.

I am using 2.79 (for what it is worth). Not using a short cut or anything so it cannot be that something has hijacked the short cut.

Obviously I can work around this, but yeah would be nice if the button did something

(Okavango) #134

Hi sceyefeye,

I will need more info on that, i wasn’t able to reproduce the problem on 2.79. For me the command works from the tool shelf. See if you can obtain the exact version of 2.79 that you are using and the console log when the problem occurs.

(sceyefeye) #135

Hey Okavango

Okay fixed it, uninstall and reinstall. Suddenly happiness. Not sure what or why it was not working, perhaps Blender hand a brain fart with the other addons I install.

But thankfully working again.

(Okavango) #136

Ok, great.

(CentralProcess) #137

I just found this suite of tools and I am astounded by how helpful they are. They cover many many workflow issues I’ve had with my beloved Blender in assorted architectural jobs. Thank you for your dedicated work and the KILLER PDF documentation.

(spikessss) #138

As an Architect (and a previous 3dsMax user), your addon is a life saver.
Thanks for the hard work and also hope to see it work in blender 2.8
>>Now,I can’t live without it :slight_smile:

(Okavango) #139

Hi guys, thanks for the comments, i’m glad you like it. I made the addon with the hope it would overcome the workflow issues that @CentralProcess mentions. I also do heavy architectural work with multi app workflows and i migrated from other 3D packages, so this step was inevitable for me.

The CAD topics in Blender are often overlooked and the emphasis is put on art and animation, please feel free to contribute to CAD / precision modelling threads if you find time and energy.

(Jakroval) #140

I’m doing the same : AutoCAD to Sketchup to Blender for vegetation and render; I just don’t have the gut to jump into blender and doing every thing in it. I don’t get how the unit in blender work - got stuck in imperial unit.

(Okavango) #141

Yeah, some day…

About the units issue, there is a ‘Units’ section in the ‘Scene’ tab of the Properties, there you can try to change to ‘Metric’, or ‘None’.
I gave up, i work in generic Blender units now, and try to imagine centimetres…