NP Station


(bkjernisted) #142

Which version should be used , Okavango’s or nBurn’s? Can someone place a link to the right version. Thanks

(Okavango) #143

Hey @bkjernisted, i think they both work. I actually thought nBurn and i synchronized the versions after his updates, but now i see that might not be the case.

@nBurn - how are your experiences with your updated version, is it working ok, or should we tell folks to use the official one from the wiki? If you feel it is ok with those enhancements, feel free to update the official one with your version, i trust your coding.

(bkjernisted) #144

I have not used np station for a while. One version was crashing my computer when I disabled it. I will re-install it and let you know how it goes in a few days. Thankyou Okavango and nBurn. I upgraded to 2.79 b so that might help.

(Okavango) #145

That seems strange. The official version should work just fine. If you run into some problems please report, with console output if possible.

(nBurn) #146

@Okavango - I thought I had, is there an update I missed? The most recent stable copy I have is the “2017_09_29” version that I linked to earlier in this thread. I pushed that to the Blender’s user-contrib repo a while ago, but I forgot to upload that version to the wiki page so I just added it now. I took a break from add-ons to work on improving my programming knowledge and then got distracted with another add-on project.

Ah, I see I a pie menu thing @11131 posted that you updated. Is that going to become part of the “official” NP Station?

If it helps, I can create an NP Tools page on my Github account that mirrors the version in the user-contrib repo. That might make it easier for tracking changes to the code.

(artisanicview) #147

In 2.8 the default unit system will be Metric. No more Blender Units!

(Okavango) #148

Ok, it is synchronized now. Thank you.

Well, it could, but the problem is that it is made to @11131’s needs and it doesn’t contain all the tools. Perhaps it could be added as official with the note attached?

Sure, that would be great :slight_smile:

(nBurn) #149

Ah, I did not notice that. I just skimmed over the code. Only having a partial menu with a note could create problems if NP Tools becomes an “official” add-on. It looks like float_box and point_scale were already made “official” by one of the 2.8 devs :slight_smile:

Maybe a basic pie menu editor to choose which tools go into the pie menu? Having all 17 in a pie menu would be a bit much.

Allright, I can look into this. It might be a while as I would prefer to have updates to the Blender repo and the GitHub repo be in sync rather than just manually copying NP Station updates to GitHub. Would be less work that way.

(Okavango) #150

Interesting idea. What do you have in mind? Something like roaoao’s PME addon, ore sth simpler, like a standard menu with check boxes?

No hurry my friend, i owe you too much already :slight_smile:

(nBurn) #151

I don’t want to compete with roaoao :slight_smile: I was thinking the latter, simple check boxes, maybe with enum drop downs to so you could change the ordering in the pie. Something like this:

(Okavango) #152

Ahh, i get it. Yeah, should be doable.

When i get free time perhaps i will mix something up.

(Alain) #153

Thanks for the great Addon !

When I create something in Isolate-Mode, for example a float_poly, then the Addon always crashes.
Maybe I do something wrong ?

Kind regards

(stephen_leger) #154

It’s a known blender issue, you simply can’t create anything in isolate mode.

(Okavango) #155

You’re welcome!

I don’t use isolate mode, didn’t even know that one. Thanks Stephen!

(Alain) #156

I use the Isolate-Mode alot.
You could code a workaround: hide every objects exept the selected one, create a floatpoly and then unhinde all the before hided objects again :slight_smile:

(Okavango) #157

Well, it could work that way, allthough it feels rather hacky… I’ve been avoiding operations that manipulate objects from the whole scene, should think about that one.

Anyway, i have little to no time for coding at the moment, and that feature should be added to all operators, if anyone feels he could be the man for the job feel free to jump in. The same goes for the nBurn’s pie proposal, it could be a nice UI practise…

(Dodododorian96) #158

hello , i really appreciate what you guys are doing , i hav long experience with sketchup , did you tried to check the program ?

the “float poly” tool of sketchup is really simple to use an really efficient, it act as a knife at the same time , dividing vertex and face easely , its really really handy and really really fast to use

please try it there a live version

please just try drawing a face and then dividing it with the line tool , its my only modeler dream to see this tool implemented into blender

(Okavango) #159

Hi @Dodododorian96, thanks for the support. Also, thanks for standing up for our cause on RClickSelect, i noticed you have some really cool suggestions for precision modelling. I actually wanted to make some of the suggestions you made, well done.

Yes, anyone involved in precision modelling is most probably to be familiar with a lot of mainstream apps, and the NP operators tend to give the best and simplest workflow possible. Unfortunately, the addon is in somewhat ‘freeze’ status right now, due to the daily workload of the authors.

As for the ‘knife’ function you mention, i can suggest an addon that goes well with the float_poly and adds that feature to the workflow - i use it very often - Snap Utilities by @mano-wii. The ‘Line’ version of the addon is free and it is the one i use, called with a shortcut in edit mode.

Also, if you are interested in precision modelling you might want to check out the list of possible features i made for the once suggested CAD app template, as well as some overview posts in this thread.

(dpdp) #160

Hi. I’m a big fan of your tools. At this point the amount of time your addon has saved me could probably be measured in days. It would be great to make this an active tool for 2.8. This would really speed up work when the user needs to snap many objects.

@Dodododorian96, you may also want to try Destructive Extrude for more sketchup style modelling. This allows you to extrude more than one face at a time. Snap Utilities is limited to single face extrudes only but does have other useful tools besides extrude.

(Okavango) #161

Hi @dpdp, thanks for the compliments. It is always nice to see these tools made some positive change or helped someone.

I definitely agree with you that the addon should be updated, not only to 2.8 but with new features as well. However, as i mentioned, there is not much time to do that right now, and the new 2.8 version is still in very early stages and quite buggy. Also, python API for 2.8 is not yet defined, all addons are pretty much on hold.

And yes, @Darcvizer made some nifty and fast extrusion tools with Destructive extrude, worth checking out…