npc sitting

Has anyone have a good example of how to make a npc sit in a chair like a person?I tried with logic bricks and a python script.But it did not work well.

I would say create an animation for it. Create an animation, and cast a ray (or Near sensor) to make sure the NPC won’t sit in mid-air. If they try to sit, and aren’t close enough, make them find the nearest (or whichever) chair to sit in, then play the animation.

Press w to walk forwards and then x to turn.Get really close and in front of my zombie friend.Then when she pushes your character back.Press s to tell her to sit.Then see how she sits in midair and goes to the chair.I was using radars and the state actuator for this.But there is a glitch.Here is the blend.The chair is a static actor.So near sensor won’t work.

Anybody else have any other examples.

You mean knowone else has done this before?

I tried to make my character sit another way.Here is a picture of my logic bricks.Could you tell me what is wrong?At first it worked and then it stopped working. [ATTACH=CONFIG]403164[/ATTACH]