NPR compositing style tests - which do you like?

Hey guys, which do you prefer or what do you suggest?

I’m doing style tests for a personal animation.

I know I want a rough, fuzzy NPR style and originally was travelling in a cell shaded direction but then played around a lot for fun.

Context/story doesn’t matter for now, just what appeals most to you? Or if anyone has suggestions/references that would be cool.

version 1

version 2

version 3

Thank you!

The bird has a much to thick border in any composition; the first has different contrast in the different layers.

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The first one has a Japan feel to it, with the pink tree.
The second one feels more of an autumn/sunset feel, which I do think fits pretty well with the overall paper shadow style, although the first one could be an old Japan kind of…
I think both works under different circumstances. I like how you mixed the two colors in the third one, heck why not break my stereotypical view on it? Anything goes I think, and
Nice renders!

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Thank you both so much Okidoki and Minamookevlar!

The different contrast on various layers was kinda my attempt to fake cell-sheet layering but I guess it is pretty strong.

And as for the Japanese feeling - you’re right! I didn’t even notice the cherry blossom feel at first because this tree is actually orange and in my playing around I desaturated it to a pink

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