NPR papers and thoughts

Watercolor-Style Rendering of Perspective Drawings in japanese

virtual scuplting and virtual woodblock printing by a modle-driven sheme in japanese

Coherent Stylized Silhouettes

every year, there appears piles of papers on varity of graphics subjects, but few of them comes into a real program for folks. maybe some of them slips into commercial applz slinkingly, but the most always stay in the lab for some reasons. I think it is a pity and waste. what if the authors cooperate with blender community? will it bring out much more interest?

I’ve got two questions for your idea:

  1. Has anyone tried asking them if they would like to coordinate to integrate this kind of thing into Blender? Sometimes it doesn’t take much convincing.
  2. Is there actually an architecture to plug in alternative rendering styles? (Granted, this is a question for… Can you just write a new system and have it integrate seamlessly? Is everything necessarily post-render effects?

It seems that with a whole lot of work, one could make a plug-in architecture so any academic theories like this could be easily adapted.

Not that I have any idea how. I’m having enough trouble modeling right now.