NPR Smoke.

here I tried to do smoke in NPR. All thanks to NPR group in Facebook. Just A test, nothing fancy.


I like that effect.

nice, I want to make a similar effect. can you give some hints on how to erase some lines? thanks
I mean the part in the red circle


Thanks Oyster…:slight_smile: and sorry for the late reply. I Was really busy these days.
Honestly, there is no special treatment for that part of smoke. The smoke is a particle system, and I’ve applied sphere as particle, then I reduced the gravity so that particles goes up. Next a wind to give the smoke a direction. I’ve used shadeless material in BI and Freestyle. Now coming to your question, the line part, I’ve checked silhouette, crease, and border…But I assume that the spheres(particles) are closer to each other near their origin, and hence overlapping each other, some of the border is not being calculated. So its looking like lines has been erased.