NS 1300 WIP


I’ve been registered here for quite some time, but I haven’t yet found the time to produce nice things with Blender myself, so I’m still learing the program.
A long time ago I started with this project, and I picked it up again today, maybe a little too ambitious, but I’ll see where the ship runs aground.

The loco in the picture is a Dutch 1300 of the NS, I got most dimensions from a book, so those should be right, as you can see I’m still working on the roof and everything that’s on that, and a lot should be done on the wheels and various details, and off course all the materials and textures.

Anyway, here’s the pic:

looking good so far, don’t forget to turn on OSA and render with some nice shaodows

I made various small updates, but even with OSA on 16 I still don’t get nice edges, and the cut in the side and the energie things suffer badly from clipping, although I don’t understand why (espescially with the energy takers (what’s the English word?), I’m sure there’s nothing interfering).

I’m going to improve the wheels next, C&C very much appreciated.

Here’s the image:

It looks really nice !

Have you tried using motion blur to improve your antialasing ?

To fix your aliasing problem (and to give us a better look):

When you’re rendering in a resolution bigger than the renderwindow can produce because of the limitations of your desktop resolution, the image is scaled down. Scaling a digital image always produces artifacs. You obviously haven’t figured out the save image function (F3), so you’re taking a screenshot of your scaled image, which isn’t the right way.

In renderbuttons, select the format (and in case of jpg the quality) of the image you want to save and press F3. Go on from there. You have to render something first, to save it, obviously.

Good start. Keep it up.

I rerendered and saved it with F3 this time, and it indeed looks a lot better, I updated the second picture because nothing changed in the model.

It seems you have some errors in your mesh:


Are the vertices on those lines lined up correctly with the vertices of the rest of the side? Also, enabling the unified renderer might fix issues like this, it did for me sometimes.

Yes I have checked those parts ten times over now, and I believe I’ve got them fixed now, but they were biatches. :wink: