Nsr 250

Hey all,
I am making an nsr-250 honda motorbike, and i want some feedback on how i am doing so far.

Attached are two renders, one of the small parts i have modelled so far, and the other of the wheels. Most parts arent textured/painted yet.
One problem i think i will have is that i have NO IDEA on how to create lights, as in brake lights, head lights, indicators, led lights on the dash and so on.
PLZ can someone tell me how to do that.
I have a physical model 1:12 scale of it, still in pieces, so i am going to model all 70 or so pieces, then follow assembly instructions. I am doing the pieces individually because i want to make an animation of the bike being built, probably with a combination of ipos and build modifiers.
plz let me know your thoughts! :slight_smile:


Nice idea!
Had a NSR 125 back a few years myself, sleek motorcycle :slight_smile:

I think you’re doing well!
Maybe it could be a bit difficult to align the parts in the right spot and angle in the end…but not impossible.

Keep on working on it!