NT-USB150M iMicro driver

Hi! I have the wireless adapter mentioned above, however I have lost the CD that contains the driver for it. Is there anywhere I could download it online? windows can’t recognize it and the torrent link (from a website called isohunt) doesn’t work :c

I belive what you are looking for is this http://www.imicro.com/item.php?item=NT-USB150M

Edit:Hold on a sec, the company page said it was the driver download but the does not appear to be any exe there.

Ok, here it is

thank you
I tried it but it says that the .zip file is corrupted :c

Try it again, http downloads are susceptible to data corruption sometimes.

If not I found this sight too which appears to have it, http://www.downloaddriversh.eu/n/nt_usb150m.html

So this is the first thing the shows up on Google.
Here is the CD files for anyone who can’t find the files.

I need it those links don’t work

7 years? by now surely the os has some builtin drivers that get it working? if not, might be time for new hardware.