NTFS Partition Questions

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I got a new WD 2TB Hard disk with 64MB cache on 29 DEC 2012. The Hard disk is working nice and good and I am now moving all my matter in new hard disk from my old 500 GB hard disk. I am happy with this hard disk.:stuck_out_tongue:

But I have one question about the NTFS partition, I want to know that NTFS partition gave compression and it helps us to save some disk, but does this compression has any disadvantage also, like will it slow my computer or will it lessen my Hard disk life or something like this.

I will be happy and thank full if I can find some help on this matter , till now I haven’t compress any drive but if there is no problem with it than I would like to compress my all drives to save some space :D.

Thanks in advanced.:evilgrin:

As default ntfs not compressed but you can set in the control panel. Use compression on system volume is not a good idea.

Is not a good idea, that means the partition can or should be NTFS but the compression is not good. Is this true and if yes can you please let me know why or what is the reason. I like to know things in detail :D. Thanks Aenima for your reply and help :slight_smile:

Well, harddisk compression exist since DOS times and I had to use it a couple of times in the past to install windows 3. It gave me basicly double of space (20mb to 40mb). It makes you pc a bit slower because you cpu have to compress and decompress on the fly.

Personally I don’t think it has the advantage like it used to be in the past. Nowadays filetypes like zip, rar, jpeg, etc. are already compressed and can’t be reduced much more. But if you have a lot of files that can be compressed like tiff, exr, blend you could probaly save a lot of space.

Ntfs can compress single directorys too, might be better than a partition: www.ehow.com/how_2073271_compress-folder-windows.html

Compression does’n break your harddisk faster (wouldn’t make any sense), only your access time increases.

Hope that helps.

Disc space is so cheap these days that you generally don’t need any compression anyway

Thats right, personally I would buy a other hardisk before I would compress my harddisk. You dont have to choose now anyway because you can compress directorys and partitons later when you are really short on space. (or buy a new one)

Unless you have a very large bunch of files you rarely use or just very limited disk space, you don’t need compression… And even in that case I would just buy some very cheap (=probably slow) but large HDD or external storage device. Zip/rar are mostly used when you need to transfer files over internet to save storage/bandwidth :slight_smile:

Thanks OscarM, Morio, and Tame :smiley:

For the help, yeah you people are right that it is good to buy a new HDD, but honestly speaking I don’t have even that much money, I am still finding some job or so. Here I can get a good HDD in about 150 Dollars but for me that is like a little bit big money. This is because currently I don’t have any job that can gave me cash in hand or so.

Since the compression option is ready made in NTFS partition that’s why I do that or go for that. I was seeing some serious problems if I can get if I on that option or so. Now I will do some partitions only not the whole drive. I am thinking to just compress one drive of which data is not needed every day or so.

Thanks again for all of yours help. :slight_smile:

On a small SSD, NTFS compression can help saving a significant amount space. I use it on my 2x64 GB SSDs. There does not appear to be any appreciable loss of performance in practice.
By the way, Blender installation directories are highly compressible, so if you have several builds on your PC it can be an idea to enable NTFS compression on them. You don’t necessarily have to enable it for your entire drive.

This recent article by Tom’s Hardware might be of interest:

Wow and thanks s12a :smiley:

that is a good information about the compression , that means like doing compression on SSD is good and ok because it cost more and it’s speed is more. But like doing compression of my 2TB Hard disk is not a good idea because than it will decrease the speed or so.

I have decided to compress only one drive of 500 GB in which I will keep those files I don’t use much or just for as a backup. :smiley:

Thanks all of you for the help . :slight_smile: