Nubbie needs help modeling open book

Hi everyone,
I’m pretty new to blender and I don’t get to use it much, so my skill level is not the best. I am modeling my first project and one of the elements is an open book. I have two questions really.
one, I am having a hard time mapping an image to the visilbe pages. I have tried UV mapping but when i render using the blender engine it does not show up. it’s just grey. i;m not sure i’m using the UV editor right. Are there any good UV Mapping tutorials? i have not found one.
Two, In your opinion what is the best way to model an open book for a still image?

Thanks in advance for any help you give. i really approiecate it. I love blender. I have always had the soul of an artist but i can’t draw a straight line to save my life and blender allows me to finally get some of these ideas out of my head and on to a visilbe media. I hope I can wrap my head around it.

Hi and welcome. This is a question about texturing, so it really belongs in the Texturing and Lighting forum…

Anyway, chances are you UV-mapped your image but did not actually give the page a texture. Since my fingers are tired, check out this response I gave someone earlier --it has instructions. (click me)

Hope this helps.