NUBIE[HELP]and i want someone to work with

First off im only 15 and my names juane gray i live in new zealand and i have no clue on how to use this blender properly i can only make a cube move a ball move and a simple animation to a player useing weght paint.

i havent got anyone at school that will help me out too witch sucks so im asking everyone.

but i need someone to help me out and teach me all i need.

and theres a pretty cool program/software called teamviwer that we could use to view eachothers works in progress (with chat text) but ne way if you are interested in helping and/or haveing a friend to party up with im here. :slight_smile:

You can email me at
: [email protected]
and you can also download teamviewr at
if you wish to be a teacher for a nub like me im your guy :ba:

Well i’m not really good at all my self but i think we can help each other out:yes:. i’m not really a noob neither am i a pro but i think you have to try searching online for tutorials on the basics of blender then if you have an idea of what you want to do bet it an animation, a game or just an image to render then you can post your progress and get help from the experts;)

thanks will you do the teamviwer with me so that you can show me stuff ect…?

That’s a lot to ask, just do your own work, and post on here when you need help. There is no need for a mentor.