Nubrs out of curves menu vs. out of surfaces menu....

I could swear that I used nurbs circles / curves out of the add curves menu in order to make surfaces with the F-key some time ago…

But now… make surfaces only works with nurbs onjects wich come from the surfaces menu… Am I dementing ?


You’re wrong, we could never used Curves form the curve menu to make surfaces.


Seems logic… doens’t work now … probably never did…well… whatever…

That’s what I was saying. It never did. And AFAIK, there’s no builtin conversion tools.


I am not sure if this is what you are thinking about but you can skin “surface curves” very helpful for making curtains and the like.
Just make one, duplicate it however many time you like and press the F button to add a face and minipulate the verticies until you have what you want.
The curtains here were done with this method

Hope this helps.


I know elsdon… I thought that I made surfaces from the curves in the curves menu, but I remembered wrong… they are not the same as the ones in the surface menus… argh… silly post…