Nuclear Bomb

tell me what you think


Wowsers. Hate have this landing on anyone head. This could so easily fit into a cool 3d FPS game.

Love the detail you put into this! Hope you are texturing this one! Great work!

Details are great. Definitely hope you texture this.

ya i’m texturing it just not for a couple days XD

Very very nice modeling. You know what you can do…just a suggestion…you can give to it some rusty textures,then put it on some kind of weapon’s cash with another nuce’s and maybe guns. Your call.

Once again, nice work

Scary… nice work man! very detailed

Great and clean model!! Keep blending

it a nuke alright,nice model and you shuold really put a rusty texture to it.keep blendin

OMG! It’s Little Boy. Nice mesh!

Good modeling job, though from an anally historical perspective what you have there is your basic atom bomb, circa 1945-50. The term “nuclear” bomb and “nuke” didn’t really come into the lexicon 'til later in the sixties or so, when it was applied to the missile-delivered weapons being developed, and what bombs were being developed then looked a lot more modern.

But the funky though sinister look of Fat Man & Little Boy are still associated with the idea of WMDs, for sure.

The model looks great. One Question, why the torpedo prop. Little boy used Radar altimeters to trigger the bomb. Some conventional bombs used spinners on the nose as a fuse delay. but, I don’t think any nuclear bomb did. Unless you actually meant this to be a water based bomb (torpedo), which would be cool to see the animated underwater explosion.

awe really?
do you think i should take the propeller out?

yes I know people of course I will do rusty textures and such.
not only do i think it would look better but the guy im doing it for told me to do that
so ya… but thanks anyways =)

I think i will just fix the tail a little tommorrow then I will post some pics and start on the textures

I’m so jealous. . It’s great, though. Are you going to use it for a film or an animation?

my friend who is a director and he is making his debut feature and so he needs an opening for his film studio and yes thats what its for its going to have a little CGI and live action

That is up to you. You did not say you were making an exact copy of little boy. It is also unlikely that the prop would be seen much in an animation. When the bomb is falling the prop should be spinning, so even looking down from above it would not be all that noticeable.

oh no for the shots he wants you will

Well for 99.9% of the population it will just be some spinning bomb part. To a few weird people that notice things like this (like me), we will be wondering why your torpedo is so fat and falling toward soil and not water. ; )

wow thats pretty good