Nuclear Explosion Short Animation

Just a quick little WIP shot from a short about a nuclear explosion in a testing facility.

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Wheres the boom! the explosion! the excitement!

i agree with Loonie Toon. the animations really good but there is no reaction when the atom is split. great job though!

Reminds me of spider-man 2

I was awaiting a huge mushroom cloud, so this that green ball disappointed me. But it is WIP and certainly not finished, so there is hope…

Maybe a bit sadder and darker light to help it make more dramatic. I don’t know why is that ball floating there somehow in space. It is the reactor chamber, or what? Nice start though

Not too bad, will this help:

Sorry about that to anyone who downloaded the first link (if anyone), if none forget it.

L13 just happens to be my tag in Halo3…

but it looks good dude.