Nuclear Powered Lawn Mower
C&C is all I want. Thanks. :rolleyes:

Add a idots guide on “how to turn you nuclear-lawnmower into a coffee warmer” and i will buy it. :wink:

Nice work

That thing is chernobyl on wheels.:eek:

I’ll buy it and make it go into a meltdown at a house of someone I hate:p

Good one!!! Still rolling on the floor laughing :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

the inside of the wheels could be other color than red, for an example something like the nuclear sign IMO, but good job with-out that to.

Most lawnmowers have a blade control thing on the handle: this has two, presumeably one for the blades and one for self-propelled.

Depends on how you want it to look like. :wink:

Turn up the OSA a little, I’m still seeing some aliasing artifacts. Great idea!:wink:

nope, the first one is a safety switch that keeps the thing running and the other one is the clutch, that makes the mower move itself… (both very useless)

and no Im not a lawn mower expert, just had my share of mowing in a couple of last summers :)…
… :o…



put some detail in it and it’ll be awesome :smiley:

good job
i like the plastic texture
can i see ur materials?

Lord of the Rings Junkie:
Will do on my updated version of the image. Only had 5 samples on this one :smiley:

I myself came to the idea while mowing the lawn on sunday

Thanks. Nothing special, just play with the spec. and ref. a little :smiley:

That’s hysterical!
If you wanted you might experiment with adding a blue radioactive glow.

Or a glowing-green man pushing it (or being dragged by it):slight_smile:

am i the only one seeing some render-grain? its mostlikely comeing from the AO.

Its an original idea, I will give you that. but…

  1. You should focus more on modeling first before adding all those cool materials (They are nice)

  2. To repeat what was said before, The wheels need alot of work, Modeling and Material wise.

  3. The tubes you added look too repetitious. Less may be better on those.

  4. The Base of the mower is too blockey looking. Maybe add some more detail to the top.

  5. Those buttons have to go. Maybe levers?

Keep working on it, I love the theme and you may end up with a nice one here.

It’s only a matter of time before some idiots actually try to sell these things to people.

Is the small plastic thingy on top too much?

Dude only one Complaint: the base is too flat, maybe have the motor flow into the base a little smoother. Just saying…

Whoa, dudes.
I’m like really out of ideas on what to add to the mower.
Can you guys n’ girls help me with it?