[NUDE] Blender 266 Cycles render time

I just download the Blender 2.66. The first thing I did was to render a image from a .blend file created in the 2.65a.

The first one was rendered with 2.65a and take 2min43sec, and the second with 2.66 take 6min48sec.

The only thing I noted is ,with the 2.66 when I open the .blend, the terminal show :

“read blend: /media/Blender/3D PROJECTS/Borgia203/Models/Set.blend
2.66 versioning fix: replacing black sky with premultiplied alpha for scene Scene”

It seems to be just an information, not a problem warning.

Any clue why this difference in render time?

Maybe you havn’t set up the parts in which is the image splitted correctly.
By default I think it is set to 1000 x 1000. If you are using a graphics card to render change it to 256 x 256

Thank you for the quick reply.

I did a few more tests:

What I did before was open the original 2.65a .blend with the 2.66 and “save as” as a new .blend file, and then “F12” to render.
This time in 2.66 I just open the original 2.65a .blend and “F12”, than open the file resaved previously to 2.66 and “F12”.
This time the both take exactly the same time, 3min24sec.

The first time, I believed the 3d window was set to “rendered preview” , I had experiencing some crash in some of the previous 2.6x when I try to render, maybe this is the cause for the longer render time (or maybe not). Anyway, if things stay like this, is OK for now, but the 2.66 render time is a bit higher than 2.65a.

Sorry if the question is a bit stupid, but where can I set that?

Hi, render settings > performance > tiles.


Cheers, mib.