nudging vertices without affecting the UV image?


I’ m currently trying to model a landscape with a city map UV-mapped to a plane. The plane itself is subdivided into 2500 litlle faces so I can work in all the elevations etc.

I’m trying to nudge vertices around horizontally to match the coastline and streets etc. of my map, so I can extrude/cut along those lines later. This seems to be a better and more efficient approach than using the knife.
But whenever I move a vertice, the UV image sticks to it and gets distorted (as you’d expect really). I was wondering if there’s a way to “unsticky” vertices from the UV image or a clever way of unwrapping to solve my problem.

Marco :slight_smile:

Why don’t you use the object coordinates on map input for the texture?

Hm, I’ll try and experiment some more but no luck so far. Using Orco gives me a lot of small representations of the whole territory (one for each of the 2500 faces) in a hologram style. Using “linked Object” shows a tiny little image of my map centered on the plane.

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Aye, the scale X/Y/Z sliders in the map input only work at render time not for the textured 3D view.
Well then i would use a fake plane to project the map on while editing and set the actual planes draw mode to edge only.
Just like with any other reference image.
Well and yes or set your map as background image in 3D view but that only works for strict front top side views.

here is a simple solution :
Add a [Plane]
duplicate it and move it up
to [Plane] -add UV and add modifier [UV project].
in the modifier add Plane.001 as [Projector].
Do what you want to do
thats it.

If it’s only a plane, is there any reason you don’t simply rewrap the UV?

Thanks for all the replies!

I’ve had some success creating another plane, setting it to wireframe and kind of trace the shape, then appplying the UV map to that. The modifier/projector thingie doesn’t seem to work.

I got a bit frustrated a few hours ago though when I found that the UV-map for the second was distorted like a globe projection all of a sudden, making all the straight streets curvy.

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Once you are satisfied with your wire mesh.
Switch to top view and calculate UVs via “Project from View” which gives a nice orthographic projection along the view axis.
Well depending on how much “up and down” is in your terrain there will be some vertical stretching but the top (map) view should be clean.

Cool, thanks :smiley: