[Nudity] Female base for Steampunk character

I’ve been looking at all the images in my portfolio and I had no organic models. I decided to put my skills to the test by making a Steampunk Girl. So far I have quite a bit of time in the head modeling, the body I had from a previous attempt and I spent the day today figuring out how to combine UV maps to give the head plenty of detail while leaving the body pretty light.

Next I’ll be adding clothing and props. Just thought I would share what I had so far.


Looks promising. Even if she is really really pale, she looks like a woman. That’s a good start.

I just have a problem with the nose… and the toes made me chuckle. :eyebrowlift: Since walking barefoot isn’t very Steampunk, you shouldn’t bother doing individual toes.

BTW, you should put a [Nudity] tag into the title of the thread… for the little boys to find you more easily and, eventually, for some more serious and obvious reasons. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions.

Hahaha, yeah the body was one I had laying around and the head was done with reference. I have a few shots of the concept, but since it’s going to be a winter scene then pale skin was fitting.

Here’s an update to the eye textures. Not really pleased with how they look and more than likely I’ll be reworking the textures for those.