nudity in the elysiun forum- Y or N?

is everyone a pervert @ the artwork section of elysiun? im disgusted…everywhere i look theres some guy who draws some girl… with boobs and a trim in the lower posrtion…whats up with this???
there are young people at this forum…
look at this
well it says nudity… oh yea well so do porn sights have a warning about age…but if i want to see porn ill go see porn… this is the internet isnt it?
do me a favor: dont make elysiun a sight for unrespectful dirty guys who like naked girls…
naked girls with pube trims arent artistic no matter what you say…naked girls period. keep there clothes on for the sake of your own dignity and respect

oo oo flame flame flame!

remember guys, when you flame someone you have to post your name if you are in the US!

/me runs

Did you join elysiun just to say this? If you did, that’s just sad.

Anyway, nude art has been around for millenia, one person who doesn’t like it isn’t going to change anything. If you don’t like it, leave. What, gonna go over to CGTalk and tell them “OMG!!1 theres nudies and im insecure and cant deal with it so stop!!1”? Good luck.

edit: My name is in my profile. If you can’t find it, you don’t deserve to sue me.

I always try to do my share.

Thanks for asking. %|

look here
this is art

look here
this is vulgarity…plain and simple…


There are good places to air your greivances, and this is one of them. If you have a specific problem in reference to a specific topic, tell us. Even better, tell the author of the work in a private message. But do not flame, do not hate, and most definitely do not be unreasonable.

The forum is moderated fairly and quickly. If you have a problem with a specific work, tell a moderator in a private message, or we will get around to it soon enough. Don’t worry.

We are working on a little short staff right now, so your help is always appreciated.

It is generally accepted that the word “Nudity” denotes that, and viewing the topic is not a requirement. This site comes with a Caveat videtor.

I have had a generally short fuse with people complaining about something like this. Do NOT test my patience.

Thank you,
elysiun moderator


It really depends on your viewpoint of vulgar. She’s not doing anything pornographic, so for most people, it’s not vulgar. It is a straight up nude, so I guess to some people that’s offensive. That’s why people put “nudity” in the subject when there’s nudity involved (although I did see someone put “nudity” in the subject on cgtalk when the image was of a train, with no people, but I digress.) If you don’t like nudity, don’t look at the images. If you can’t understand that, then I have to wonder how you made it here in the first place.

Everyone who has tried to “clean up” elysiun for the “greater good” has failed. Looks like you’ll be the next one to go. Such a shame. And we hardly even knew you.

Not again… I see a locked thread in your future.

i never mentioned hate or flame in any of my posts and yet they are flaming…i wanted a debate like martin luther did but no they were radical and the protestant reformation occured…did he want that? hell no…but they misunderstood him

i never mentioned hate or flame in any of my posts and yet they are flaming…i wanted a debate like martin luther did but no they were radical and the protestant reformation occured…did he want that? hell no…but they misunderstood him[/quote]

Starting by calling everyone on elysiun a pervert is not a good start to a reasonable discussion. As Howitzer said, i am just trying to watch your toes, the line draws very close in this argument. People have been banned following this line. I don’t know you, so I am forced to assume the worst.

If you would like a discussion, you may present your arguments, using good paragraphs, maybe a few nicely cropped and attributed images, and lots of quotes. heck, lists are good too.


i didnt call everyone a pervert…i called everyone at artwrok section a pervert…lol
screw it…just lock the thread…im disgusted but people are flaming due to the harsh picture i painted in the first paragraph…
i didnt mean to get people riled up…and i wont present my argument …men are majority here and they dont give… so i dont give…

i never mentioned hate or flame in any of my posts and yet they are flaming.[/quote]

Well, you don’t have to say that you are flaming to be flaming. For example, some people would consider my posts in this thread flaming, and I have no problem with this, but the point is that I never said (until this point) that they were flames. Doesn’t matter. They still can be considered that way.

Well, let me point out that nudity in art is not the best topic to have a debate about, and generally debates don’t involve calling elysiun a porn site, or saying that something isn’t art because the girls in it have “pube trims”, or calling everyone on elysiun a pervert. Just generally.

I see that you think that I am misunderstanding you, so please, enlighten me: how have I misunderstood you?

edit: I see that SamAdam has beaten me to it, so you may generally disregard this post, since in essence they say the same thing.

edit2: Actually, upon further reading of my post, it seems that I did include the first paragraph, which you may find enlightening.

actually, I would like to hear your story.

everyone deserves to be heard. Actually, only one person, digital_me, said anything negative. The others were just remarking on an incident earlier involving one Kansas_15. We don’t want to start that again.

So please, go ahead.

it is cowardly to attack when the fight is over… did you read my last post?

Many would argue that it is cowardly to “end the fight” to save yourself later embarasment.

Oh, and I did read your last post, and the “artwrok” section is the backbone of elysiun, so in essence you did call everyone a pervert.

continue to kick the wounded dog…wait!
here comes more trying to raise up their post count…

Do you honestly think that I care about my postcount anymore?

So, do you plan on presenting any arguments against nudity on elysiun, or will you continue to evade? I’m guessing the latter, but I’ve been wrong before.

i was told i was flaming… so i stopped…if told i listen…at least by authority…as in people who actually count…

not headstrong people who kick wounded dogs…

Well, you just started again. One: you said I was trying to raise my post count. Two: You said that I don’t count. (That’s very subjective by the way, and generally doesn’t work as an insult.) Three: You say that I am headstrong and kick wounded dogs. While I may be headstrong (again, that’s subjective) I do not kick wounded dogs. Neither literally or figuratively.

Now, I’m going to ask one more time: will you present any arguments? If not, I am going to leave this thread.

Excuse me, but I am just about as much authority as any here.

digital_me just wants to talk, albeit a little harshly.

I am telling you, with all the authority of the moderation staff here at elysiun (see that little Moderator sticker under my name?) that you may continue. If you do not wish, you can simply stop replying. That is the cowardly way out. If you wish to defend your views and actions, by all means, present your defense.

i am on no ones side. I attack no one. I say the rules (albeit quite harshly) and allow for talk.