NUDITY**** Second update "lesson learned" NUDITY

I’m going to remodel some of the areas on this model, by rendering the image I am able to see what is wrong and what is right, I can see the leg is good but I’m either have to end up on remaking part of the mesh or moving a few around, one option I’m looking at is to decrease the amount of mesh and to rework the loop into the right area.

edit: added nudity warnings. sam


the general proportions seem to work but you have many fine detail problems. the bottom, the hands, the breasts, the arm thickness,

are you using reference materrial? you should take a closer look to it.
for example you hand look still verymuch like a box.


Maybe this is a perespective (or lack thereof) trick, but it looks like hands are too narrow… Typical hand (palm+fingers) is about 0.7 head long and 1/2 head wide (you can easily cover your entire face from chin to hair-line with both hands.)

The hands and feet are proportionally too small for the body. The shoulders are too broad for the breasts. Looks like you took my advice on the ears, a much better improvement then before, but still room for improvement. They stick out far in the back with an unnatural curve (refering to the 6th image from the bottom). The first image also shows an unnatural formation where the Helix merges at the front with the rest of the head near the Tragus. It shouldn’t stick out that far, it make the ear seem as if someone rolled playdough and slaped it on the side of the head for ears. The lips could definitely use some major definement as well as some editing in the nostril area. Clearly you can see the problem in the 4th picture; the Gluteus Maximus is too angular. The 5th image even makes it look like a rib cage structure. The genital areas can be cleaned up a bit as there are very unnaturral seams where they shouldn’t be. If you need help with this area, read up: . Your mesh has what is commonly known as kankles (where the calf meets the foot and the ankle doesn’t exist). This could be easily clean up by defining the tendo Achillis. Your feet are excessivly flat as well which give the appearance of flippers instead of human feet.

Yes, these are all problems I’m going to fix, now that I found out that rendering the model can show alot of what’s wrong, it will be easer for me to spot, compare and fix. Yes, I do use reference, but I fear I was to concern with every bump and curve on the skin then the basic over all model, if it’s one thing I learn is to use alot less vertex

She is pretty man like, I would work on her face a lot too. Her lips are tiny, and her head very box like. Try to go with more flowing curves, she is a lady afterall. :wink:

Ok, here’s an update on the face, I remade the entire face, however I seem to have the most problems with those damn cheek bones, anyways, show me how I can improve this.

If it helps I’m using the MonicaD reference, If you look on the side view you notice how round here cheeks are, that’s where I’m having the most problems.

Ok, did alot of tweaking and am testing out skin materials that I made in blender, I seem to have some trouble making blotchy ones, but here’s preview, I post some update on the mesh topology later.

The rest of the body has been commented on so Ill wait for an update before i comment on the body.

The main differences betwen men and womens faces are the jaw lines, cheek bones structure, lips and nose. knowing more about this would really help you feminise the model I feel. I think you would improve the face a lot if you worked on the jaw line first of all. Women have thinner jaws than men so I think bringing it in a bit would help, also slimming the nose. Filling out the lips and making them fuller would also help a lot. I think when you have that sorted It will be easier to correct the cheek bones, which could be more delicate.

The red lines suggest the areas you might move, and the arrows show the direction obviously. Im not saying that this will fix your face, it might look horrible! These are just suggestions to think about. [/disclaimer :P]

Thanks for the tip and all, but I’m going more for this person. Any advice on the skin texture ?

Ok, looks like youve picked a reference with quite a boyish face! I think its going to take a lot of work to feminise, but the right texture would help. The pic youve posted seems a bit lifeless, try adding a little more red maybe?

Yes, red, having major problems with understanding Yafray, the color is far lighter then what blender renders and the color doesn’t look like anything in blender preview.

Ok, this one shows some corrections I did with the wish bone area, Oh yeah, I tweak the head some more, next I’m going to work on the shoulder some more.

It’s kind of hard to comment on. Can you give us a full body render?

not to be mean, but I think you also need a little re-education on what the vagina looks like. because dude, no… just no… wierd…

I’m remaking the model “again” want to help out or just give out insults ?

hi capone, there is no doubt youll progress if you aim for perfection. keep it up.


In my opinion she still has many mistakes… :(. She appear strange…