Nuke beginner learning path?

I’m thinking od learning nuke,where should i start first in nuke?

There are two places that I suggest: tutorials, and source-code repository sites like GitHub and SourceForge.

First, get your hands dirty by following the tutorial examples as faithfully as you can. You’ll inevitably find that there are a few details that the narrators forgot to mention, but you want to mimic their results exactly. (Remember to provide constructive feedback.)

Then, start looking around for what other people have built and shared, so that you can “reverse engineer” it or, as the case may be, build on it. (“We all stand on the shoulders of giants.”) You might find hundreds or even thousands of examples at repository sites, in various states of quality or completion. (Consider “giving back” what you have done, after you consider it finished.)

"Actum Ne Agas: Do Not Do A Thing Already Done."

As you set out to learn something, bear in mind that you’re not the first, and that plenty of people left a trail of bread-crumbs behind as they smashed their own foreheads against the proverbial wall. :smiley:

Yes, you’ll have to learn it for yourself, but strive to do so efficiently. Yes, in one sense, you have to start from scratch, but, “don’t start from scratch.”

Finally, I suggest that you keep a diary. For me that’s a loose-leaf notebook and a number-two pencil(!). What did I do today? What questions did I have? Where and how am I stuck? :exploding_head: Writing down the question – yes, in long-hand – “sticks a pin through it and attaches it to the cork-board” so you won’t lose it. You can now let go of it, and come back to it at any future time. Now continue on whatever is your present course without becoming sidetracked. (Very useful when you don’t know where you’re going [yet …].)

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Tutorials in Github?.can you share beginer tut link.thank you.