NUM keys in mesh editing

Im new to blender. I’ve been using this fine program maybe a month. Im still getting through the tutorials and documentation and such. Needless to say Im not completely familiar with the program.

That said I have a question about the function of the “num” keys (exp: Num1, Num3, Num7) when in edit mode with vertices selected.

Basically when Im editing a mesh I have a tendency to want to move the 3d scene for a better view or a different angle. While I have the vertices Im editing selected I push Num1 or Num3 to move the viewing angle and my mesh disappears. Its just gone? Im not sure exactly what Im doing when I do this so I don’t know how to fix it.

Can someone tell me what Im noobishly doing here? I hate losing all my work when I accidently do this : ( Is there a way to undo this? “ctrl Z” doesn’t work of course.

You’re not losing your mesh, the camera view is just moving to a position where you can no longer see it. A quick solution when this happens is to scroll your mouse wheel back, which will zoom out the current view. When you see your object again, hold the shift key down (before you click the mouse wheel) then click the mouse wheel to drag your mesh back into the center more or less, then scroll forward again to zoom back in on your mesh. You can also press the “C” key to center the view on the cursor (which is probably close to your mesh) or Shift-C to center the view around the currently select object or objects.

I can’t seem to reproduce the problem Im having now but I have tried zooming back out to find the mesh before. I can’t seem to find it when this happens to me. I guess if there is no function associated with the number keys and editing vertices it must be me hitting the wrong keys. If it helps Im using a powerbook and using the “fn” key to activate the numpad keys. Next time it happens I will try the “c” key


Whats happening is Im pressing a modifier key “g” without closing the modification with the mouse click. When I go to move the veiw around with the numpad its shooting my mesh into outerspace. Just a feature I wasn’t familiar with I guess. Any hints on were to look for documentation on this feature?