Numa Numa Dance Video : Proog and Emo!

Hello folks,

I made another animated music video using footage remixed from the astonishing Elephants Dream project. This time it’s a parody on “Ma Ya Hi” which is the English version of “Numa Ye”; the song that has been lip synched and parodied so many times before. It’s called “My PC (is on fire)”.

In this parody, Emo’s computer is broken and wants Proog, who is his computer repair man, to fix it. Proog refuses to fix it until Emo pays his last bill. But, Emo won’t pay the last bill until Proog fixes his computer!

It’s called My PC and you can download it here:

NOTE: If anybody knows the folks on the Blender team, I would love to get my hands on any other footage they feel like licensing under the CC license, even if it’s discarded or unused scenes. I love making these videos but I have absolutely NO graphics talent! I’m a sound and music guy. Therefore I need fully rendered video footage to remix. Also, if you know of any other sources for CC licensed animation files that would be great.

Go dance with Proog and Emo now! :smiley:

If I may quote myself from a year ago…

It looks as though Elephants Dream will become as cliche as the numa numa dancer.

Excuse me while I revel in my soothsaying abilities…

Hehe Awesome stuff lol. Its incredible how the mood and effect of the footage changes with the sound, music and how it’s played. Great work!

Thanks Slepnyrl,

Are you going to make a movie with those cool airplane renderings? Those are the “Mustang” series aren’t they?


yeah well you gotta see this version!


Sure that’s the original “Gary” #1 fan version that started the whole craze. :slight_smile:

oh. excuse my naiievity.

you’re “my pc” vid is hilarious btw. mind if i post it on my xanga blog?

LOL! Both versions…


Thanks. :slight_smile:


Sure, post away!

awesome, i love it!!!

by the way, did you make this also?

@Alfred Indamine,

Yes I did that one too. :slight_smile:

Hell, if I could get more footage I’d make a ton of these things. So addicting to finally be able to show people awesome graphics that I like adding sounds and music too. (THANK YOU ELEPHANTS DREAM PEOPLE!)


Hey everyone,

The Elephants Dream web site mentioned my parody. I’m so happy! :slight_smile:


Absolutely brilliant stuff here guys! It’s a mystery to me how people find the time to produce such things, but that aside, that ‘My PC’ song is pure comedy genius.

Wierd al Yankovic watch out!

A+ :slight_smile:

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There are awards for that?

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sorry for another evil bump, but i just came accross this thread via google and found it slightly amusing that despite all of the parodies of the original [awful] song, rihanna has since actually managed to take it and turn it into a decent and big selling record.

the op’s video is great, but i don’t think it will make the charts. :slight_smile:

If you think the Rihanna version is ‘decent’, then to be blunt, you need your ears checking…


Well good for anyone who could end up taking something heavily critisized and turn into a big seller, was it revisions or was it just marketing magic?

YOU WASTED 4 MINUTES OF MY LIFE. lol. When someone makes a parody you know it’s successful : D

How cool. Will this work for the 64 Bit version of windows vista?